Turkish food is rated as some of the best in the world. All of our guests agree with this after only a couple of days eating meals at The Old Stone House.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of our locally produced fruit and vegetables, our olive oil is sourced from a local village as is the superb honey and yogurt.

The variety of the menus we offer is extensive and we take special care to ensure that the meals are carefully balanced as well as delicious. We have even found some people lose weight after a week with us, yet they say they always feel completely full up – we don’t stint on portions either!

I cannot guarantee you will lose weight, who can resist the platefuls of Turkish Delight, Helva and clotted cream covered strawberries?

Don’t get me started on the Baklava and freshly roasted almonds and walnuts, oh, and the luscious figs and buttery pilafs served alongside home made köfte!

We can cater for vegetarians easily and have experience of gluten free too. Frankly, we just LOVE to cook for you!