Hi Eljay
Late update, sorry!  Just to say you are a brilliant host which made my hol (and I’m sure everyone else’s) a ‘devine’ ten days.  Thanks very much for everything.  Your house is beautiful and I love it, especially the bidet in the loo – wish I had one to play with at home!
Good luck with your next batch, I was exhausted just watching you.  Amazing energy and amazing lady.
All the best
Hilary x

Hi Eljay

Just a note to say thanks for organising such an incredible programme.

I can’t think when I’ve ever laughed so much! I adored our trips and activités. I’m not sure I’ve improved my art, but time spent having fun is never wasted.

A big thanks, too, to Sandra.


Got home just over an hour ago without any major problems.  I am now watching Bad Teacher on the tv and eating a fish finger sandwich -not quite the cuisine of Turkey!

Many thanks for all the wonderful hospitality and the great amount of laughing.  Sandra’s dancing will always cheer me up.

I have attached a couple of pics of the kittens just in case they get adopted.


A million thanks! Yes, the chicken has landed! 
Tottered in at 1.30am to be met by a delighted Willyum, who has been glued to me ever since – you might like to point that out to House Cat………….
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed last week and am really looking to more of same next year!
                                                      Love Jan 
P.S. Pictures to follow when I’ve got myself organised

Thanks for all did for us.

It was lots of fun and much appreciated.

I hope your next group will be as much fun.

 A bit cooler here.

Thanks again and all the best. Lynn xox


Dear eljay

Arrived safely home at midnight last night, total journey time 24 hours, knackered – great English word!

It was a wonderful holiday painting with you and with Sandra; enjoyed every minute of it, including the denizens.

On both my transfer drives re Dalaman airport, the drivers refused my attempts to pay them…. outgoing, I paid,  then the driver rushed into the airport as I was loading my bag onto the security x-ray, and tried to explain in Turkish, something. He enlisted the help of the three Turks at the machine, little lucky, then used Google translate to write that ‘woman paid for transfer”!! and thrust my 100 tl back into my hands.

I hope you are not given an unpleasant surprise by this; similar but less dramatic on my original drive to you… driver insisted it was paid for.  If that was your arrangement for me, a thousand thanks!!!!  (Just did not want you to have an unpleasant surprise.)…


Hi Eljay,  Arrived  home this am at 4.00 safe and sound. 

A bit chilly here and already missing the heat, though sun is shining.  Hope your other half arrived safely and you get some holiday time.   

Thanks again for all your hard efforts to make us all have a wonderful holiday –  you might like to know (or not probably!!) that I have put on half a stone in weight because of your lovely food.  Love to all those that are still there – may send some pictures later on.  

Andrew has gone off to work looking a little the worse for wear but can sleep soundly tonight, knowing that the carpet is down on the floor and lovely to walk on!!  

xx Ann

Hi Eljay

Thanks so much for a super holiday. You put so much effort into making sure that everyone has a great time and with all the cooking, organising, teaching and ferrying everyone around, I don’t know how you do it.

Last Monday was 6 months to the day since ***** died and I didn’t know how I was going to cope but I was so absorbed in what I was doing that it passed without a hitch. I’ve come home with some great memories, a new wardrobe and even a few paintings to show off.

Thanks again

C x

Hello Eljay

Wanted to say thank you for trying and succeeding in making this unarty person’s holiday so enjoyable. You did not need to go out of your way but you did and it was much appreciated.

Are you pleased with your rug? Ours looks fabulous and is a constant reminder of the lovely time we had.

Once again many thanks – it turned out so much better than I ever thought it would.

Dear Eljay.

This is just a brief note to thank you for our wonderful holiday at The Old Stone House.

Penny and I had a week, when I can say we were spoilt in so many ways. From a personal point of view I re-learnt so much that I had been briefly taught at art college in the long-distant past.

Thank you to both you and Sandra (and Chris) for taking us to some really exciting locations and showing us the ‘real’ Turkey. It will be a holiday I shall long remember with pleasure.

Rosemary S.


Patrick and Elizabeth
Dear Both plus Chris.
We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful time you gave us all.
The fantastic meals, art tuition, and guided tours, all done with such care
and thought.
We would never have seen that real side of Turkey without your knowledge of the area and its people.

The meals out were also a triumph, I have only had very basic food before, other than in Istanbul!

Thank you for arranging the taxi to the airport, the food there was good too. And we got home safe and sound after a short delay.

Weather here very nice, so washing drying and not too much of a temperature shock.

Hope to see you all again another year,
Love and best wishes,

Jan & Norman xx
Dear Eljay,

Thank you for this unforgettable week of wonderful food, lively company, cats and sunshine!

We were plunged immediately into the rainy grey clouds, thinking of your moussaka and salivating as we munched dry biscuits for supper last night. Walking in the rain today we wondered what you were having for lunch in the most beautiful garden spot, wishing we were still there. Such a cultural shock! But we went to Tate Gallery to see the exhibition of Barbara Hepworth, which did help our landing.

Did Katrine enjoy her treatment with Sara? I am still in the house and missing you.

Big kiss
Dear Eljay

I just wanted to thank you, Sandra and Chris for a wonderfully entertaining stay at The Old stone House. i don’t think that i have laughed so much in years.

Please give my love to all those departing today and, hopefully, we can keep in touch if you circulate the email addresses (all seemed happy to do this.)

I didn’t managed to say goodbye to Scruffy and Chris the Cat so please could you give them extra strokes for me.

Hopefully, this week’s course will be much calmer and illness free.

Best wishes
Dear Eljay,

We just wanted to thank you and Sandra for our lovely stay at The Old Stone House.

The food was excellent and we did enjoy our visits to some lovely places. No doubt you would be at Iassos yesterday,which I hope the group enjoyed.

Please say thank you to Sarah for the massage.

Our flight was delayed one hour and the temp in Edinburgh was 8 Degrees and the journey to Clarkston was in thick fog.

Best wishes,
Catherine and John
Hi Eljay, just wanted to message you to say what a wonderful week we had with you. You have a great setup there and your home is beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thankyou.

Can I also reiterate that I really am very interested in buying a kelim from your friends village. Terracotta colours and half the size that Kevin bought. 6ft long or similar. Your kelim on your hammock is exactly the kind of colours and designs that I’d like. Anything along those lines. If they can sort something out for me then perhaps you could message me a photo if you weren’t sure of its suitability. I can transfer money to you for you to pass on couldn’t I. If you were able to bring it back that would be great. Happy to pay extra baggage costs or perhaps it would be easier if they posted it to me and ill pay the costs of that. I do hope they can find something for me.

All the best and happy painting.

Xxxx sue